When it comes to safety, we’ve got both feet on the ground

At Reliant Solutions, quality and safety are second nature.

As all our components are manufactured in the factory and are easily assembled – this means we can install our tanks in various types of weather conditions where field-welded steel or concrete tanks could not be.

Our bolted steel panel tanks are assembled from the top down by our professional building crews using or specialised jacking systems that safely and progressively elevate the structure without the cost of cranes, large staging areas or extensive scaffolding.

This jacking process reduces cost and increases time efficiency while receiving the highest industry ratings for quality control and safety in the field. Building crews can keep their boots safely on the ground.

This construction method enables rapid, logical progress for timely completion.

  • Smaller footprint
  • Site work savings
  • Fast turn around
  • Quick erection
  • No working at heights

With more than 50 specialist jacks at our disposal, we’ve got your next project covered.

bolted steel panel tanks
Geodesic Dome Tank Roof

Take a look at our projects page for jobs that may be similar to your next project; www.reliant-solutions.co.nz/projects/

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