Tapered Beam Roof

This optional comprises of either Glass Fused to Steel or Epoxy Steel coated roof panels support under a galvanised coated sub structure. Offering a fully coated roof structure, the roof is protected against corrosion in every way. This roof can be fully sealed and designed for low pressure application, so if the contents need to be filly protected, this proof will suit the application. Typically a low profile solution, generally around 12 degree pitch can be designer for higher load scenarios when required.

Tapered Beam and External Beam Roofs can be utilised for an extensive range of applications from drinking water to farm biogas. As the market leading experts in Glass-Fused-to-Steel technology, our Tapered Beam and External Beam Roofs with Glass-Fused-to-Steel infill panels are highly corrosion resistant making them a viable solution for a range of harsh environments and demanding applications. As an alternative, stainless steel infill panels can also be offered.

Our External Beam Roof is suitable for use with a variety of mixers. All Tapered and External Beam Roofs are suitable for use on pressurised structures and provide a suitable option for odour control.


Sydney Wastewater Treatment Plant

As part of a $130 million programme to expand water treatment and supplies in the area – Reliant Solutions was contracted by Sydney Water to supply two tanks – a digester feed well and a digester sludge holding tank – for the new Riverstone Sewage Treatment Plant.


  • Potable Water
  • Municipal Sludge
  • Storage
  • Municipal Sludge
  • Treatment
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Processing/Treatment
  • Process Water
  • Dry Bulk Solid Storage
  • Municipal Mesophilic
  • Digestion
  • Thermophilic Digestion
  • Farm Digestion


  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Stainless Steel Infill Panels available
  • Self Supporting Structure
  • Suitable for odour control
  • Suitable for pressurised structures

48 hour

budgetary quotation turn around