Geodesic Dome

The Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roof is an innovative modular self-supporting structure which perfectly complements any containment structure, in many cases eliminating supporting construction costs.

The low weight of the aluminium dome roof is a decisive cost advantage designed to fit onto new and existing tanks often without the need to be reinforced.

This solution provides maximum durability and minimum cost for maintenance and provides a suitable means of odour control.

Our Geodesic Dome utilises an intelligent sealing system designed to allow rapid construction which functions reliably in all types of construction conditions, making it undoubtedly your best choice for effective weather protection.


Craigieburn Sewage Treatment Plant

Reliant Solutions successfully tendered for Yarra Valley Water’s $3.4millon contract to supply and construct two large, 50m (16 million litre) Glass Fused to Steel tanks featuring self-spanning geodesic dome roofs.


  • Most effective leak-protection solution – Engineered for maximum weather-tightness for both new tanks and retrofits. Providing double sealing on clamp bars to get the most effective leak protection.
  • Low maintenance cost – Aluminum alloys are corrosion resistant and do not require painting like steel fixed roofs. There’s also no need for rebolting as the connections are made by lock bolts.
  • Emissions reduction – Reduces wind-induced vapor loss, aids in odor control and provides significant emission credits. For light products such as gasoline, a dome installed over an EFR can cut emissions by over 90 percent. 
  • In-service installation – Can be erected on the ground beside the tank or on an EFR and lifted into place easily. There is no need to work so installation risks are minimized.
  • Design Flexibility – To accommodate a wide range of spans and loading conditions for your operation.
  • Platforms available- We offer you centralized and gauging platforms with handrails for any kind of operation.
  • Clear Span Capability – Aluminium’s light weights characteristics allow for larger clear-span over capability than structures utilising steel, concrete and other materials.


  • Potable Water
  • Municipal Sludge Storage
  • Municipal Sludge
  • Treatment
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Processing/Treatment
  • Process Water
  • Dry Bulk Solid Storage
  • Retrofit to Concrete Tanks

48 hour

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