Single/Double Membrane

Single and Double Membrane Roofs are the well-established solution for use in anaerobic digestion processes, offering a low cost option for a sealed, gas tight roof.

Single membrane roofs can be used in less demanding applications and consist of a central column supported fabric roof that is fixed to the tank wall. They are often utilised for odour control.

Double membrane roofs provide a durable cost effective solution for anaerobic digestion and biogas applications. The outer membrane remains permanently inflated while the inner membrane inflates and deflates in proportion to biogas production therefore making them a suitable option for pressurised applications.


Fielding Biodigestor

Reliant Solutions completed the full package, including the earthworks, foundation and tank construction with double-membrane roof.
New Zealand


  • Municipal Mesophilic Digestion
  • Thermophilic Digestion
  • Farm Digestion


  • Cost Effective
  • Sealed, Odour proof roof
  • Gas Tight

48 hour

budgetary quotation turn around