Reliant Solutions Launches ECOTANK

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The Premium Liner Effluent Tank is finally here!

Following extensive research, with shared know-how and combined with our considerable experience in Permastore tank system, Reliant Solutions have developed the ECOTANKTM system to be an exceptional agricultural effluent storage system, second only in performance to the Permastore tanks system.

With the engineering expertise and experience gained from the over 50 Permastore installations in the New Zealand diary and industrial markets, you can be assured that the ECOTANKTM system offers market leading structural design together with an robust durable liner which has been developed to lead within the dairy industry.

Using the strength of the steel panels combined with the secure concrete ring beam is a decisive design advantage designed to accommodate secure tank storage for all local environmental conditions, such as high wind speeds, snow or seismic loads.

This solution provides maximum durability and longevity and minimum cost for maintenance with ECOTANKTM designed to a 50 structural service life, also boasting a 20 year warranty on the liner.

Our ECOTANKTM system utilises an intelligent synthetic liner sealing system designed to allow rapid construction and increased effective storage capacity, with only 60mm needed to maintain the liner.

The modular bolted tank system comes in 8 standard models, from 500,000L through to 4,000,000L, any capacity above 4,000,000L is easy meet by our Permastore tank range.

Reliant Solutions operates to all New Zealand design standards, which gives our customers the reassurance of highly experienced, trained crews who provide rapid and high quality completion on-site.

ECOTANKTM   – the premium liner tank solution

  • 50 Year structural design life
  • 20 Year warranty on the liner
  • Durable steel walls, 2.1m high
  • Only requires 60mm coverage
  • Secure concrete ring-beam foundation


Contact Reliant Solutions to find out more or visit our website:

03 215 9125 | 0800 ECOTANK | 0800 326826



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