Effluents proper containment and management are two important issues facing today’s farmers. One of the most crucial elements of any liquid storage tank is its ability to safely and securely storage the tank contents with minimal downtime and reduced maintenance cost to give an efficient and cost effective tank span. Permastore tanks are an above-ground positive containment structure engineered to the highest standards. With greater environmental concern and stricter governmental regulations on the horizon, Permastore is clearly the best choice for environmentally sound effluent management. When it comes to effective effluent storage, you get the highest engineered quality, best service, longest life and greatest value from a Permastore storage tank. Farmers are getting more than just effluent storage, they are investing in a storage tanks that provides the ultimate management solutions, so they can spread effluent at optimal times of the year. For toddy diary and livestock operations, there is simply no better storage choice than Permastore for long term storage, environmental stewardship and nutrient value.


  • Permastore tanks are designed and constructed using Glass Fused to Steel panels for secure storage and high corrosion resistance

    The Premium Tank Coating – Glass Fused to Steel

    Glass Fused to Steel(GFS) is the premium coating in the bolted together tank market, utilising a proven product with significant benefits to customers, consultants and contractors over other types of tank construction.

    The GFS coating is designed to produce an extremely strong chemical bond to the steel during the fusion process, delivering strength and durability while the steel is in tension due to contents load. Unlike competitive tank manufacturer ‘fusion bonded’ epoxy coating systems that are merely ‘baked’ on the steel surface only forming a physical bond, GFS coatings are both chemically fused to and physically combined with the steel substrate. This results in an unmatched, tough and durable bond.

    • Inert Silica Glass: Abrasion & UV stable. Applied on both interior and exterior surfaces
    • Lifetime Factory applied coating, no reapplication required
    • High corrosion resistance of Glass combined with the strength and flexibility of steel.
    • Chemical Bond provdes resistance against damage, delamination and corrosion
    • 300,000 installation worldwide
    • 50 design life. 80 year service life. Proven in their field for over 40 years.
    • Indpedently certified and exceeds NZS/AS codes and standards.

    The Process:

    In order for there to be fusion of two materials there must be a chemical bond at a molecular level. GFS coatings are fused to the steel at temperatures ranging from 760°C (1400°F) to 860°C (1580°F) which facilitates the interfacial fusion reactions that combine the two materials. A typical factory applied “fusion bonded” epoxy is cured at a much lower temperature typically 200°C – 275°C (390°F – 525°F) which makes fusion between the epoxy and steel impossible! This results in an epoxy coating which is typically susceptible to damage, de lamination and ultimately corrosion.

  • Permastore tanks have no perishable liner.

    No perishable liner

    The number one benefit of our Permastore tanks is the absence of a artificial liner. Artificial PVC liners typically have a life span of 10-15 years, Without a liner, our tanks have a design life of 50 years. In 1998, Permastore teamed up with Sika, one of the world’s leading sealant manufacturers and co-developed a sealant specifically designed for Permastore tank applications.

  • Future Proof your storage with our extendable top.

    Extendable Top

    Ever considered growing your farming operation? Increasing your herd size? That’s why dairy farmers chose to use Permastore’s extendable top slurry storage tank. As an example a tank that measures a total of 26.47m in diameter, currently providing 1.55mL of storage with an overall height of 2.83m, with the additional of another ring, it would take total storage capacity to 2.3mL and 4.23m high. Grow your operation without the extra cost of another storage facility, we’ll simply extend the current one.

  • Our modular bolted together system design means we can build vertically, minimising the footprint.

    Minimise the Footprint

    The strength of our tank walls over opposition tank structures means we can build our tanks vertically, keeping our footprint to a minimum and a productive land to a maximum. Our typical slurry tank is 4.23m high over a standard 2m deep pond, meaning our footprint is almost half that of a tank, with our ability to still build higher than 4.23. For more information on our installation methods, check out our installation page.

  • Complete range of tanks available, range of height and diameter options with storage capacities, exceeding 25,000m3.

    Complete range of storage capacities

    Reliant Solutions has a complete range of storage capacities, exceeding 25,000m3. The modular nature of our tank design means that build our tank using a range of diameters and heights. Our design works by bolting panels together, height options come in intervals of 1.4m, starting at 1.43m, 2.83m, 4.23m, 5.63m, 7.03m, 8.43m, 9.83m height. Our most common height slurry tank is 3 rings high, 4.23m high, meaning a reduced footprint when compared to other storage facilities like in the ground ponding systems.

  • 50 Design life

    50 Year Design Life

    Reliant Solutions employs independent structural engineers in preparing design calculations and the issuing of producer statements insuring an independent and unbiased approach to solving our clients needs. All Permastore tanks are engineered with a predicted minimum 50 year design life in accordance with all relevant New Zealand and Australian standards and that our service life is based on proven experience both which should provide a great deal of security and credibility to the overall quality of the finished product.
    Permastore is the only company in the bolted steel tank market to independent audit quality control and with its 100% holiday free policy our clients can ensure a long life factory applied.

  • Reliant Solutions are New Zealand's experts in storage

    Reliant Solutions powered by Permastore

    Permastore tanks are marketed, distributed and installed nationwide by the team at Reliant Solutions, based from our offices in Invercargill. It is our mission to supply and install quality storage solutions throughout New Zealand; backed up by our trained installation crews, we are able to ensure the highest quality finished product. Reliant Solutions will provide the turnkey solution from specification to final construction and service.
    Reliant Solutions recently undertook the installation of the largest bolted together tank in New Zealand, measuring 47.81m diameter, 7.03m high, storing 12.6mL.

    We have installations all over New Zealand, Dannevirke, Rotorua, Nelson, Pahaitua, Tauranga, Gore to name a few. COntact us to arrange a site visit to one in your area.

  • We have a range of accessories


    We have a complete range of accessories compatible with our storage tanks.

    • Inlets
      • Jetter Kit
      • PVC Fill Pipe
    • Outlets
      • Through the wall
      • Through the foundation
      • Slurry tanker outlet
    • Agitation Systems
      • PTO Stirrer
      • Electric Stirrer
    • Ladders & Platforms
      • External
      • Internal
    • Access Ways
      • Bobcat Entrance
      • Manway
    • Covers & Roofs
      • PVC Roof
      • Hexa-Cover

    Check out our tank accessories page for more options. Click here

    We can also design our complete effluent system, we design and install all our own designs. Separators, Pumping equipment, Irrigation..

Permastore has been producing modular bolted Glass Fused to Steel tanks to the global agricultural sector for over 50 years, with over 300,000 tanks installed globally, and have now grown to become the number one effluent storage facility in New Zealand.

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