Reliant Solutions combines its first-rate services with Permastore tank to be New Zealand’s premium storage tank specialists.

We will provide the turnkey solution; from specification to construction and installation

Our tanks are used in the storage and treatment of drinking water, waste water, process water, agricultural effluent and aggressive applications of industrial effluent, municipal waste, leachate and mining sectors worldwide

Glass Fused to Steel is recognised as the premium choice of coating above and beyond any other coating solution available in the global bolted tank market.

  • Glass coatings are ‘fused’ to the steel
  • High Corrosion Resistance to damage, de-lamination.
  • Inert silica Glass: Abrasion & UV stable. Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces
  • 50 year design life. Service life of 80 years
  • 100% holiday free
  • Rapid Installation Times
  • Independently certified and exceeds intentional standards
  • 300,000 installations worldwide. 110 countries.
  • Modular design. Complete range of sizes
  • Lifetime Factory coating, no reapplication required
  • Potable Water Compliant, NSA certified
  • High Seismic Rating


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  • We were pleased and proud when we got the tank and it is well worth every cent.–Diary Factory, New Zealand

  • We would like to say that we are very pleased with the recent installation of the storage tanks.–Tasman District Council, New Zealand