Glass Fused to Steel, (GFS) is the premium coating in the bolted together tank market, utilising a proven product with significant benefits to customers, consultants and contractors over other types of tank construction.

The GFS coating is designed to produce an extremely strong chemical bond to the steel during the fusion process, delivering strength and durability while the steel is in tension due to contents load. Unlike competitive tank manufacturer ‘fusion bonded’ epoxy coating systems that are merely ‘baked’ on the steel surface only forming a physical bond, GFS coatings are both chemically fused to and physically combined with the steel substrate. This results in an unmatched, tough and durable bond.

  • Inert Silica Glass: Abrasion & UV stable. Applied on both interior and exterior surfaces
    Glass Fused to Steel

    Glass ‘Fused’ to Steel

  • Lifetime Factory applied coating, no reapplication required
  • High corrosion resistance of Glass combined with the strength and flexibility of steel.
  • Chemical Bond provdes resistance against damage, delamination and corrosion
  • 300,000 installation worldwide
  • 50 design life. 80 year service life. Proven in their field for over 40 years.
  • Indpedently certified and exceeds NZS/AS codes and standards.

Epoxy ‘Baked’ to Steel

The Process:

In order for there to be fusion of two materials there must be a chemical bond at a molecular level. GFS coatings are fused to the steel at temperatures ranging from 760°C (1400°F) to 860°C (1580°F) which facilitates the interfacial fusion reactions that combine the two materials. A typical factory applied “fusion bonded” epoxy is cured at a much lower temperature typically 200°C – 275°C (390°F – 525°F) which makes fusion between the epoxy and steel impossible! This results in an epoxy coating which is typically susceptible to damage, de lamination and ultimately corrosion.

Check out the difference between the two microscopic images:


Permastore is the only tank manufacturer globally to work to published quality standards and their 100% zero discontinuity policy means only defect free sheets are released to the market place.

Impact ISO 453240N Force
Adherence Level EN 10209Annex D
Resistance to Abrasion IS6370-2
Resistance to Thermal Shock ISO 2724
Scratch Hardness EN 15771
Post Construction Testing 67V swap test onsite


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